Evade & Escape Now To Gain Safety

We are extremely excited to bring you this edition of our highly popular women's self defense course on PMAVideos.com!

This is a recording of our intensive 2 day course that teaches women how to stay on their feet and quickly escape to safety. At this level of the course, we also take a close look at what to do when an attacker has achieved some type of control over you - including when your attacker manages to get on top of you or surprise attacks.

For years women have asked for videos of this course so that they could easily review the material and practice at home with loved ones or friends. HERE IT IS!


Evade & Escape Now To Gain Safety

- Access to over 35 HD videos of simple yet effective self defense techniques specifically selected for women. This is 2.5 hours of instructional video!
- Leave comments and ask questions along the way to have them answered by your instructor, David Corrigan.
- Practice PMA's highly popular women's self defense course from the comfort of your own home and revisit on a regular basis to keep your reflexes sharp in case your life depends on it.

$20.00 USD