A revolutionary martial arts curriculum combining the elements of grappling & trapping.

Learn to trap to get the tap!

The core belief of Trap2Tap is “position before submission.” This strategy of grappling emphasizes controlling your opponent through position and posture. When done successfully, this “traps” your opponent, forcing them to make an error that will expose an opportunity for you to finish the fight with a submission (the “tap”).

Over the years, I’ve run into many grapplers that have lost this focus, and I intend to re-emphasize its importance – especially at the beginning of someone’s grappling journey. This can be difficult because submissions are often the most exciting element of grappling to casual fans or individuals just getting started in martial arts. Just watch the next UFC event and listen for booing if the crowd doesn’t see a submission fast enough when the fight goes to the ground. The problem is that an emphasis placed on submission before position leaves a grappler with a very weak foundation that will crumble when their submission attempt fails. As the saying goes, “A house built on sand will not stand.” 

But that alone is not what makes up Trap2Tap. I believe I’ve found a missing link in grappling that will add a level of control to a fighter’s “game” using elements found in Filipino Martial Arts (FMA), Jeet Kune Do (JKD), Wing Chun and other “stand up” arts that is known as the trapping range. These techniques emphasize clearing an opponent’s defenses out of the way to set up strikes and the clinch while on your feet. But I have never seen anyone apply these techniques and concepts on the ground.

It happened accidentally. I found myself applying some of the sensitivity and control learned in drills like Hubud Lubud and Chi Sao while I was maintaining posture and setting up sweeps and guard passes. Once I made the recognition of where this was coming from, the wheels started turning. Before I knew it, I was finding ways to apply these techniques from all kinds of positions, on both top and bottom. I began to practice and refine these techniques in training and by showing them to my family members (especially my dad and brother - both BJJ Black Belts as well). Then last year, my good friend and teacher, Felipe Costa was visiting from Brazil and I showed him some of the things I was working on. He was amazed and had me teach a small course with some of the techniques for his online academy –

While I could feel through my own practice in my academy that this was something revolutionary, having a multiple time world champion in Jiu Jitsu that travels the world competing and teaching Jiu Jitsu validate its effectiveness cemented my beliefs. 

I’ve compiled the first installment of these techniques into a curriculum that I taught in a 6 hour seminar here at my academy in Oak Ridge, TN and had it filmed professionally. This course is that seminar broken down into individual videos so that you can practice at home and jump around between positions, transitions, trapping drills, applications and submissions to review the techniques that you'd like.

Leave comments along the way, ask questions, and let us know how these technique work for you! This will change your grappling game forever.


This course includes access to all 40+ Trap2Tap videos, designed to take you from zero grappling experience to a good understanding of the fundamental techniques. Those that have previous experience will want to pay special attention to the "Trapping/Sensitivity Drills" as well as the "Applications" for these drills. These are what separate Trap2Tap from other Jiu Jitsu or grappling courses!

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