At Home Beginner Mobility Course

Learn to move better and enhance every area of your life, right from home!

Beginner Mobility Course

Follow along at home as we use martial arts movements, animal movements, yoga and more to hone in on mobility. Mobility is often overlooked in the fitness world but improving your ability to move will help you in all areas of life.

Unfortunately most adults go from chair to chair all day long until it's time for bed, and then repeat the next day. Then some add in fitness but still typically end up doing something like running, biking, lifting weights, etc. which are all excellent but still don't open the body up to lots of different movements.

If you are a martial artist, you know that your body will be asked (or forced!) to move in all kinds of ways and this course will help you master some of the basics to help you reach your full potential.

If you aren't a martial artist, this course will still be a beneficial and fun way to get your body moving and help prevent injuries.

It's family friendly, so grab anyone in the house to join you and let's go!

$29.00 USD